Glove Integrity Tester GT-5.0
Glove Integrity Tester GT-5.0
Product introduction
Glove Integrity Tester GT-5.0 is based on Gt-2.0 3.0 R&D by Neuronbc, very mature teconlogy,it is good choice for you.
Technical Parameter
Detailed Parameters
  • ◆ Power
  • ◆ Test length
  • ◆ Pressure
  • ◆ Response
  • ◆ Noise
  • ◆ Work mode
  • ◆ Gas source
    Compressed air ,Nitrogen, inert gas
  • ◆ Sealing pressure
  • ◆ History records
    10000 set
  • ◆ Dimension
  • ◆ Glove tray(online)
    2 free, others customization
  • ◆ Other function
    Audit trail (customiation) , USB export data
  • ◆ Glove tray quantity
    Most up to 6
Product Content


1. Connect gas source to inlet of instrument , pressure is below 0.5Mpa.

2.  Setting test parameters in operation interface,include glove specification .

3. Put glove tray edge into glove port or sealing it ,notice to keep connection of between glove tray edge and glove port ,glove tray edge and glove flat ,then press start button, instrument will give edge of glove tray pressure,during this process, must sure put glove tray stability ,after sealing finished,start to give pressure to instrument until to set value,after that,instrument stop give pressure and start to test .

4. Test is over, there will show test result “Pass” or “Failed”

5. Press glove tray button, instrument exhaust pressure automatically,then get glove tray, test is over.

After-sale Service
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