Packaging Leak Tester MFT-900
Packaging Leak Tester MFT-900
Product introduction
It is suitable for sealing integrity testing of pharmaceutical packaging to prevent moisture, oxygen, and microorganisms from contaminating products. Medicines: bottled, bagged, boxed, ampoules, vials, cartridges, prefilled needles (PFS), (BFS), (FFS), etc.
Spray cans: plunger spray cans; bag-lined spray cans; "energy jacket" spray cans; flexible tube spray cans.
Technical Parameter
Detailed Parameters
  • ◆ Differential pressure sensor
    ±2kpa, error≤0.5%F.S.
  • ◆ Differential pressure resolution
  • ◆ Test pressure sensor
  • ◆ Test pressure range
  • ◆ Minimum detectable aperture
  • ◆ Display method
    10-inch touch color touch screen
  • ◆ Voltage
    AC100V-240V, 50/60Hz, power ≤200W
  • ◆ Weight
    Host: about 30kg
  • ◆ Audit trail
    ≥5 years of storage Multiple event logs, which can be queried according to time
  • ◆ Authority management
    Login with username and password, level 4 authority
  • ◆ Print function
    External micro printer
  • ◆ Data backup
    Support U disk to export data
  • ◆ Signal output
    (4-20) mA, RS485, 12V alarm output(customization)
  • ◆ Dimension
    430*655*420(height1)*330(height2) mm
  • ◆ Weight
Product Content

◎Automatically test the flow rate and change the aperture size during the whole process.
◎Automatic leak rate calibration function.
◎Equipped with standard leaks (standard positive bottles, with third-party certification).
◎Four-level user authority management meets FDA 21CFR PART 11 requirements.
◎Split design, the test chamber is located above the host, and various test chambers can be provided according to different product types.
◎We also provide users with supporting services related to tightness testing, including positive bottle production, standard leak rate/annual leak verification, new sample mold customization, sample methodological parameter development and verification, etc.
◎The test cavity is customized according to customer needs to ensure that the test cavity is fully matched with the customer's product, and rapid and sensitive testing.

After-sale Service
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