Wireless Glove Integrity Tester WGT- 1000
Wireless Glove Integrity Tester WGT- 1000
Product introduction
The on-line glove integrity tester WGT-1000 produced by our company is designed according to the principle of the positive pressure leak detector recommended by GB/T 25915.7-2010/ISO 14644-7:2004. It is a special instrument for detecting leakage of gloves. Our company has been engaged in the production and sales of filter integrity testers for many years, and the pressure control technology is very mature.
The device uses a wireless communication mode, built-in air pump and lithium battery, through systematic management, so that multiple detection units can be linked in real time. In addition to complying with the requirements of FDA and GMP and other laws and regulations, four-level authority management and electronic signature design are also set up to comply with 21CFR part 11 electronic records and electronic signature certification requirements; The history record can store more than 12000 groups, and at the same time, it has its own storage FLASH, which can transmit and save the test records in time; the structure design is simple and exquisite, no additional equipment is required, no need to remove gloves, and the glove tray can be replaced, supporting different specifications and sizes of gloves Detection. The high-precision pressure sensor is adopted, and the glove test is fast and accurate.
Technical Parameter
Detailed Parameters
  • ◆ Power supply
    DC 12V 20W
  • ◆ Built-in battery
    12V lithium battery
  • ◆ Test accuracy
    Minimum aperture 300μm
  • ◆ Test duration
  • ◆ Pressure range
  • ◆ Pressure resolution
  • ◆ Noise
  • ◆ Sealing pressure
    ≤ 200 KPa
  • ◆ History record
    12000 set
  • ◆ Glove recognition method
    RFID/manual input
  • ◆ Weight
  • ◆ Online glove tray
    Can free supply 1 size, if need more customization
  • ◆ Pump
    buildin pump
  • ◆ Dimension
Product Content

1.Pharmaceutical industry: sterile inspection and microbial limit inspection of purified water, water for injection, sterile preparations (large infusion, small injection, powder, biological products, blood products, ophthalmic preparations, maintenance solutions, etc.).

 2、Medical equipment industry: sterility inspection and microbial limit inspection of purified water, water for injection, syringes, infusion sets, blood transfusion sets, intravenous catheters, etc.
3、Food and beverage industry.
4、Environmental protection industry, etc



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