Filter Integrity Tester V4.0
Filter Integrity Tester V4.0
Product introduction

Integtest ® Serials Integrity Tester are designed for testing integrity of filters and filter systems . The State Pharmacopoeia and GMP specification requirements. The V4.0 Integrity Tester is compact, handy to use, and fully automated integrity test instrument, which performs bubble point, diffusion flow, enhanced bubble point, and water-based test for hydrophobic filters.
Technical Parameter
Detailed Parameters
  • ◆ Power Supply
    100-240V AC, 50/60Hz;120W
  • ◆ Operation pressure
    100-8000mbar (115psi)
  • ◆ Unit
  • ◆ Operation Condition
    Ambient Temperature:+5℃ ~ +40℃;Relative Humidity:10-80%
  • ◆ Operation Condition
    Ambient Temperature:+5℃ ~ +40℃;Relative Humidity:10-80%
  • ◆ Dimension(mm)
  • ◆ Test Function
    Manual Bubble point Test;Basic Bubble Point Test;Extensive Bubble Point Test;Diffusion Flow Test;Water Immersion Test;
  • ◆ Test Accuracy
    Upstream Volume:± 4%;Bubble Point:≤± 50mbar ;Diffusion Flow Test:≤± 4% ;Water Immersion Test:≤± 0.05ml
  • ◆ Test Scope
    Bubble Point :590-6900mbar Diffusion Flow Speed:1-180ml/min WI:0.01-30ml/min
  • ◆ Applied Range
    Symmetric and asymmetric membrane test, needle filter, filter bag, flat filter, filter cartridge (3 core within 20 inches);
  • ◆ Print Function
    Built-in printer;
  • ◆ Historical Records
    500 sets;
  • ◆ Display Screen
    5.7″TFT,Single color;
  • ◆ Serials port
  • ◆ Language
    Chinese or English;
  • ◆ Work Mode
  • ◆ Applicable Environment
    Above D level;
  • ◆ Weight
After-sale Service
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