Glove Integrity Tester online GT-3.0
GT-3.0online test
Glove Integrity Tester online GT-3.0
Product introduction
The on-line gloves Integrity Tester GT-3.0 are leak detector principle proposed by GB/T 25915.7-2010/ISO 14644-7:2004, and it is a dedicated instrument to detect the gloves leakage. The simple and easy design won't need any additional equipment, no need to remove the gloves, with fast detection speed and high precision.
Technical Parameter
Detailed Parameters
  • ◆ Working power supply
    AC 220V 50Hz,120W within battery
  • ◆ Rated power
  • ◆ Pressure range
  • ◆ Response value
  • ◆ Noise
  • ◆ Working mode
    Continuous work
  • ◆ External gas source
    Compressed air, nitrogen, inert gas
  • ◆ Sealing pressure
  • ◆ other function
    Audit trail ,data export by USB (customization)
  • ◆ Historical record
    10000 groups
  • ◆ Print Function
    Built-in Printer
  • ◆ dimensions
  • ◆ Weight
  • ◆ On-line gloves tray
    Can supply one free, if need more customization
  • ◆ Battery
    Li-ion battery
  • ◆ Pump
    oil ,water free,can customade-build in pump
Product Content


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