Laser Airborne Particle counter 28.3ml/min
Model NBC-5100 28.3L/min
Laser Airborne Particle counter 28.3ml/min
Product introduction
NBC-5100 is a new style particle counter with a flow rate of 28.3L/min (1 cfm), friendly interface and high-resolution color touch screen, easy to use. The model can confirm the class of the clean room and print out the test results quickly, and meets ISO 14644 requirements. The instrument measures the no. of particles in 8 particle size channels simultaneously, with 5000 samples record storage .It is widely used in measuring particles in clean rooms and in evaluating the quality of indoor air. It also used for testing the performance of HEPA filters.
Technical Parameter
Detailed Parameters
  • ◆ 8 particle-size channels
    0.3, 0.5, 0.7, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 5.0, and 10.0(μm) Custom size channels available
  • ◆ Light Source
    Long life laser diode (30,000 hours mean time between failure)
  • ◆ Counting Efficiency
    50%@0.3μm;100%@0.5μm per JIS
  • ◆ Sample Period
    1 Sec~3599 Sec
  • ◆ Zero Count
  • ◆ Audible Alarm
    Adjustable Built-in alarm
  • ◆ Stores up to
    5000 sample records
  • ◆ Operating Environment
    Temperature 10~35℃,Relative Humidity ≤75%
  • ◆ Output
    Built-in Printer
  • ◆ Concentration limits
    35,300 PCS/L
  • ◆ Dimension
  • ◆ Power Rating
  • ◆ Weight
  • ◆ Data conversion
    (ft3 and m3)
  • ◆ Accessory supplied Free:
    Carrying Case, Operation manual, Factory inspection report, Filter, Power line, Isokinetic Probe, Tripod, Printer paper, Fuse.
  • ◆ Power Supply
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