Titanium Filter
Titanium Filter
Product introduction
Titanium filters are made of ultrapure titanium using special process through sintering. Their porous structure is uniform and stable, having high porosity and high interception efficiency. Titanium filters are also temperature insensitive, anticorrosive, highly mechanical, regenerative, and durable, applicable to filter various gases and liquids. In particular, they are widely used in pharmacy industry for removing carbon.
Technical Parameter
Detailed Parameters
  • ◆ Filtration precision
  • ◆ Porosity
  • ◆ Permeability
    0.02-20L / cm2minPa
  • ◆ Permeability coefficient
    1.0 * 10-5-7 * 10-3L / cm2 · min · Pa
  • ◆ Temperature resistance
    280. C (wet)
  • ◆ Diameter (mm)
  • ◆ Interface Type
    M6-30,222,226,4 points, 6 points, one inch, platen, other interfaces to customer requirements.
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