Freezing Point Osmometer FPOSM-V3.0
Freezing Point Osmometer FPOSM-V3.0
Product introduction
The freezing point osmometer FPOSM-V2.0 produced by our company with independent research and development is in accordance with Raoul freezing point theory, based on the solution freezing point declined value proportional to the solution molar concentration, using high sensitivity of temperature-sensing element, to measure the freezing point of different solutions, so as to derive the osmotic pressure molar concentration. This theory has been widely used for the test and research of osmotic pressure molar concentration in the fields such as pharmaceuticals,pharmaceutical analysis, biological and food therapy
Technical Parameter
Detailed Parameters
  • ◆ Measurement range
    0~3000 mOsmol
  • ◆ Sample amount
  • ◆ Testing duration
  • ◆ Pre-cooling time
  • ◆ Measurement error
  • ◆ Repeatability
  • ◆ Linearity
  • ◆ Environment temperature
    0~30℃ Recommended for 15~25℃
  • ◆ Environment temperature
  • ◆ Power supply
    220V~ 50Hz 150VA
  • ◆ Dimensions
  • ◆ Weight
After-sale Service
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