Air Filter Housing
Air Filter Housing
Product introduction
The respirator filter is designed for the sterilization purposes when material pot gas exchange of the pharmaceutical industry, food industry. The vent of the material pot and the storage pot is separated by the filter, and the gas in the pot can be discharged smoothly, and the microorganisms and particulate of outside can not enter the inside. The filter is manufactured according to GMP standard. Filter selection of hydrophobic PTFE membrane, filtration accuracy of 0.01um for a variety of bacteria and phage to 99.9999% filter. This filter can do bubble point test, also be carried out online steam disinfection.
Technical Parameter
Detailed Parameters
  • ◆ Housing
    304, 306L stainless steel
  • ◆ Hose clamp or bolt
    304 stainless steel
  • ◆ Seal coil
    silicone rubber, fluorine rubber, EPDM, etc
  • ◆ Disinfection method
    High temperature and high pressure or online steam sterilization 121 ℃ for 30 minutes.
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